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Fri, Jan. 23rd, 2009, 11:57 am
drnola: David E. Williams' "Every Missing Duck is a Duck Missed" pre-order available now...


Tragedy renders the monster human. Williams' 5th full length release is decidedly his most eclectic. Largely inspired by the grief and futility following the illness and death of his girlfriend, the album veers from somber piano ballads to nostalgic pop to at least one grandiose epic with virtuoso live drums, odd time signatures and dissonant tone clusters (while still remaining catchy!) Longtime cohort Jerome Deppe gets the longest guitar solo of his career as well as his VERY FIRST harmonica solo (in the deceptively titled hoedown "Kill Yourself in Cape May"). There are also 4 cover tunes and a witty Zevonesque take on the life of Idi Amin. A local and national cast of musical luminaries* fleshes out the sound of David at his most organic and confessional.

Available for preorder now for the undeniably reasonable price of $10 plus shipping...

Album will ship immediately upon release (scheduled for 2.27.09). As a bonus, pre-orders receive a DVD-R of the universally adored video for "Summer Wasn't Made for You and Me".

ACT NOW, why don't you?